Why You Need to Set Your SMART Goals Backwards

Do you struggle when trying to set SMART goals? It could be that you’re doing it all wrong. Well, not really all wrong, but there is a simple change you can do to make setting SMART goals easier. It’s as simple as working backwards. Instead of SMART, focus on TRAMS. SMART goals overview Before we […]

What Happens After You Set Goals?

We all know setting goals is important in life and business. While you may struggle to know exactly how to set the right goals, there’s no denying the need to set some if you want to grow and scale your business. A quick internet search of “how to set business goals” results in 1.1 billion results. So, […]

How to Review for 2021 and Plan for 2022

It happened again. Another year flew by! It’s time to start reviewing the progress we made in 2021 and get a plan in place for 2022. For many people, that’s easier said than done. But, never fear! We’re going to help you analyze what happened over the past year and get on the right path […]

Are You Setting Goals For The Right Reason?

You already know goal setting is an important part of leadership. As the leader, you set the goals your team works toward and are ultimately responsible for moving the needle forward. But many obstacles arise in the goal-setting process, and one of those obstacles is losing focus of why you’re doing what you’re doing. SPEARity […]

How to Finish the 4th Quarter Strong in 2021

The 4th quarter is here whether you’re ready or not! And it’s easy at this point to feel like what’s done is done and there isn’t much you can do about it. But that’s not true. With an entire quarter left to go there is a lot that can still be accomplished. Here are some […]

How to Get Employee Buy-In For Your 2021 Goals

It’s that time of year again when our minds are starting to turn to the changing of the calendar year. A new year brings new goals and the feelings of a “reset” for many of us. As you prepare for Q1 to begin, it’s important to think about what you’re doing to get buy-in from […]

Being Intentional with Your Goal for 2021

I think this is an interesting time of year. We all love to connect the new year with a fresh start and a chance to do better. We want to leave our old bad habits in the past and turn a new leaf. That sounds great, right? So we get out our lists and set […]

2021 Goal Setting: How to Keep it Going

Well that certainly was an eventful January of what so many people hoped was going to be a calmer year. It was a long month but February is about to be here and we’re going to keep on looking forward. With the new month starting, I’m reminded of what happens to so many people in […]

6 Leadership Tips to Prepare for a Strong Second Quarter

As always, the first quarter of the year has flown by. It’s time to be reviewing the things that went well and the things that didn’t get accomplished during that time. It’s also time to make sure those Q2 goals are established that will help you work toward the overall goals for the year. Here […]

5 Ways to Use Tech to Reach Your Business Goals

It’s 2021 and if tech isn’t a part of your business, it needs to be. There are so many ways that you can incorporate tech into your business to make it run more efficiently. This not only reduces unnecessary stress in your life, but it can also help you reach your business goals easier. Here […]