Are You Procrastinating at Work?

Are you one of those people who feel you do your best work under pressure? You push off projects until the last minute while telling yourself that you’ll be able to accomplish them to the best of your ability. Well, research disagrees with you. Procrastinating at work is less likely to lead to high-quality work. […]

The 4 Statuses for Task Management

When it comes to task management people have a tendency to think that there are only two categories tasks can fall into—waiting to be done or accomplished, right? We either have the task on our list to do or we’ve crossed it off because it’s already done. While that seems to make sense, it’s not […]

Why You Need to Stop Multitasking at Work to Get Things Done

Multitasking. If you’re an older millennial or from an older generation, you probably have a love-hate relationship with this word like I do. When I applied for my first job, “the ability to multitask” was listed on every job listing. It was the skill every employer wanted you to have. You couldn’t be good at […]

The Importance of Understand Your Baseline in Business

Do you ever feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what will stick in business? You want the company to grow. You want to hit your goals. And you know you need to make changes in order to get results, but you find yourself jumping from one thing to the next without […]