How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

As a small business leader, knowing what to do next to take your business to the next level can be difficult. You may find there are so many options on the board that you’re not sure which one is best. You may have a lack of necessary direction for your company. Or you may already […]

How to Get Authentic Feedback as a Leader

In a perfect world, we would do everything right and always know exactly what we should focus on. But this isn’t a perfect world, and we all have blind spots. This means we need to be intentional about seeking feedback as a leader. It’s nice to hear positive things about yourself, but if all you […]

Tired of Working Long Hours? These 7 Tips Can Help

Are you quickly growing tired of burning the candle at both ends? Or maybe you’ve already reached the point of burnout and know that something needs to change in your schedule. Whatever you are, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and leaders are caught in a cycle of working too many hours each […]

How to Overcome Fear in Business

Our SPEARity business coaches and consultants have discovered something over the years—fear is a part of many of the challenges people face in business. 1. Accept that you feel afraid Fear is something we all experience. However, successful business leaders have learned how to feel fear and not let it stop them from doing the […]

Moving Past Failure and Setbacks as a Leader

Failure. None of us like it, but it’s something we all experience. As a leader, it’s important to learn how to find and maintain inner peace and stability when experiencing setbacks and failure in business. We know it’s true, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Darren Fisher, SPEARity CEO, recently shared a message […]

5 Ways to Turn Business Struggles into Opportunity

Most businesses are struggling to get workers. We’re trying to figure out how to find the right talent and how to keep the workers we have in the midst of the Great Resignation. This is a real struggle that companies and leaders are facing, but it’s not the only one. Even before the labor shortage […]

Is a Lack of Planning Stopping You From Growing as a Business?

There’s a common problem that we notice—many leaders don’t value planning. They think they are gifted enough to be able to just figure it out in the moment when needed. It’s worked for them so far, but the problem is if you want to grow past where you currently are, you’re going to have to […]

How to Break Down Goals into Actionable Tasks

We’ve all heard about the importance of setting goals in business. Goals are what tell you what direction you’re trying to go. Setting goals helps you continue to move the needle forward in the right direction. But it’s not as simple as just setting a goal. You need to follow up with breaking goals down […]

The Art of Delegation for Leaders

Delegating sounds great, right? You have a busy schedule and more on your to-do list than you can reasonably do. The only way to get it all done is if you can start to delegate some of your tasks to other people. It sounds easy. But it’s a common struggle for many leaders. The common […]

10 Leadership Lessons from SPEARity CEO Darren Fisher

Over the past couple of years, SPEARity CEO, Darren Fisher, has been doing a leadership vlog. Listed below, are ten important leadership lessons he has shared. 1. Receiving Feedback as a Leader Do you receive feedback well or do you get upset with the source? Great leaders are able to receive feedback and make changes […]