7 Days to Becoming a More Confident Leader

Day 7 – Celebrate!

Congratulations! You made it to Day 7, you rock! Take a minute to reflect and enjoy.

At this point you have documented at least 18 successes over the last 6 days. You should be starting to notice more successes in your daily life without having to try quite as hard. You will want to continue to take notice of this and develop this skill to build confidence.

Recognizing and documenting your successes helps build confidence because it allows you to see what you have accomplished in the past. When you realize what you are capable of achieving it makes you more confident to know that you can take on the next task and challenge that comes your way.

Setting goals and breaking them down into actionable items is a process that works. And, it can be repeated and applied to any circumstance in your life, so as a leader you no longer need to doubt your abilities. You have the knowledge and the steps to reach any goal. You are learning how to use your resources and working on building up a resource library for future use.

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We hope you found this course valuable!  Stay confident, stay motivated and remember we’re always here to help.