Break Down and Achieve Goals With the SPEARity™ App

achieve goals with the spearity app

The English author, George Eliot once wrote, “Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.” This is what goal setting is all about and one of the most common things that people get wrong when trying to set goals. People often think of goals as these big lofty dreams that would be nice if they did happen, but don’t really count on them. This mindset will not help you achieve your goals in life or business

The wrong way to set goals

Many times when people set goals they simply list out the things they would like to see happen. They may even follow the recommendation of setting SMART goals. When they are finished they feel great about the detailed list of goals that they have. But, they don’t go much farther than that. The goals are so big that it quickly becomes overwhelming to try to reach them.

For a short time, they do things that make them feel like they are making progress. But, then they lose focus and other things start to pull their attention away. The end of the week comes, then the month,  and quarter. At the end of the year, they are left staring at a list of goals that they started and forgot about.

What needs to change?

Setting goals is critical to achieving what you want in your personal and professional life. Breaking your goals up into small actionable steps is what’s going to help you achieve them. This removes that overwhelming feeling you get when you stare at your list of goals. Instead of thinking about the big goal you are trying to accomplish you can see small tasks that you can achieve one by one. As you cross these small tasks off of your list you are working towards accomplishing your big goal.

It’s also important that you track your progress in reaching your goals. You need to be able to see where you started from and how far you are in making progress towards reaching your goal. As you see that you are moving closer and closer it will continue to provide you with the motivation that you need to keep going. It also helps you to quickly identify if you are stuck in your progress. Then, you can analyze where the problem is how to overcome it.

If you don’t break your goals into smaller steps and track your progress when you get stuck it will be easier to just forget about them. You won’t be able to identify what is holding you up in moving forward. You will lack the clarity you need in the process.

How the SPEARity™ app helps

The SPEARity™ app is designed around the SPEAR process. It provides you with everything you need to set strategic goals, develop a plan, analyze your progress, and realign the areas that aren’t working along the way. There is a place to enter your annual goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily tasks. This allows you to easily break down your large goals into smaller ones that keep you moving forward.

You can physically see the progress that you are making as you check off boxes. You can watch as your completed percentages increase as you work towards reaching your goals. Each day you can track your success and analyze the areas that didn’t work for you. Spending just 15 minutes of planning at the start or end of each day will help keep your work focused on the goals you really want to achieve.

The app can be used by individuals, teams, or entire organizations. Are you ready to see how the app can help you reach your goals? Schedule a live demo today with a SPEARity™ coach.

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