Coaching, like teaching, should inspire, challenge, and encourage our members to pursue greatness.


Coaching Services

Business Coaching

  • For business owners who want to be held accountable to their vision
  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Small-medium business owners

Executive Coaching

  • For leaders who want to be more effective in helping others and enjoy the work they do
  • Established leader
  • Emerging leader





What We Offer

Self Guided
Mindset Spectrum Survey
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Growth Mindset Profiler™
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Trigger Profiler Training
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Growth Mindset Leadership Training



Identifying your vision and making it tangible
strategic planning for growing and scaling businesses

Spearity is fit for you if


Steps to Follow

Step 1- Sign up and get assigned with a certified coach today!
Step 2- Setting your vision
Step 3- Your coach will provide you with an assessment
Step 4- Co-develop a plan/bite sized vision

Step 5- Coach through the plan based on assessment which includes

  • Bi -weekly meeting
  • Quarterly trainings/planning event
  • Annual planning retreat

We want YOU to be a part of Spearity...

We aspire to make your life better as a result of joining our Spearity community.
Surround yourself with those greater than you. We foster a welcoming, supportive, and intentional culture within our Spearity team.


What we advise to our members, we do it ourselves.

In 2017, I (Darren) decided I needed to put together a five year plan to see where Spearity would be in five years. This exercise allowed me to understand:
What my vision would be

What my vision would be

What resources I would need to make it happen

What resources I would need to make it happen

Began to actively look for resources to make my vision a reality

Began to actively look for resources to make my vision a reality

2022, will be the end of my five year plan.

Everything I originally planned was totally wrong but that’s OKAY.

We are so much further along and have an amazing team.

Our 12 key contributors to our organization are moving us forward to 2030;

our next key benchmark.

When you understand yourself better, everyone wins

Understand Yourself

Everyone has triggers that keep them from pursuing the life they desire. Once you understand these triggers, you can enjoy life’s challenges, try new things, build new skills, and work hard to achieve the life you desire.
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Understand Others

  • Working with others you don’t know makes it difficult to get things done and enjoy the process. Our assessment will help you understand each other which will allow the team to leverage each other’s strengths and support their weaknesses.
  • Mindset Spectrum Survey (link to assessment)

Understand Your Team

  • Help team members understand their strengths, improve communication, and create a positive working environment by taking our team assessments.
  • Take our free survey (link to Mindset Spectrum Survey)
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Spearity™ App

Focus on the important tasks while tracking goals, successes and failures with the Spearity™ web app. The app is accessible anywhere and from any platform to help with goal planning, task management, time management and strategy. Align your team’s goals to create a culture of strategists.

Join our team and be a part of our community.
We are here for you.