Speaking Engagements


When you bring motivational speakers in for your event or training there are two things that are important

1. Engagement – You want speakers that can engage your staff or event attendees. They should feel like they are participating in the session instead of just sitting and listening.

2. Actionable items – Effective motivational speakers will provide your attendees with actionable items to use once the session is over. Each person that listens to the presentation should know how to put the information to use in their daily life.

When a presentation lacks the balance of both engagement and actionable items attendees are not receiving the full benefit of the training. They either walk away from an event that they enjoyed listening to, but have no idea how to put the information into practice, or they missed a lot of valuable information because they couldn’t connect with the speaker.


Why you should choose Darren Fisher


Darren Fisher enjoys speaking at events because of the opportunity it provides him to interact with your audience. He uses each opportunity to motivate attendees directly with practicality. Darren’s goal is to encourage people to grow their confidence so they feel empowered to make positive changes in their lives. With new or renewed confidence individuals are not afraid to begin taking calculated risks.

Presentations are customized to fit the skill level of your audience, starting at entry level all the way up to c-level executives and entrepreneurs.  

Presentation Topics

The Confidence Quadrant™ – The Confidence Quadrant exams how two individuals can have the same experience, yet take away entirely different results. Some, come away more confident while others do not. Some fail and adapt, while others keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Intelligence, developed by Daniel Goleman exams the role emotions play in our decision making process. Once thought of as minimal in impact, studies have shown that those who are able to better hone their emotional intelligence are able to lead more effectively.

FearMotional™ Cycle – FearMotional™ examines why people want so hard to change but have so much difficulty making it happen. More than just embracing change, learn to break the ties that prevent us from changing behaviors to achieve results.

Personal Brand for Leaders

Public Speaking

SMART Goals: Invigorate the Goal Setting Process – The goal setting process can be daunting to a point where it’s avoided instead of tackled. The process doesn’t have to be that way. Our unique approach helps teach everyone to write objective goals.

SPEAR™ Process – The SPEAR™ Strategic Improvement Process takes goal achievement and breaks it into micro-segments. In doing so, implementers continuously improve the process of achieving the goal while developing skills to achieve the objective.

What Makes You Awesome?

Looking for a speaker your audience will remember?


“Darren Fisher is an excellent motivational speaker. He is able to capture and engage an audience of any age. He has spoken at several completion ceremonies, and because of his delivery, the audience members have given him accolades. If you are looking for someone encourage your group, he’s your guy.”

– Katrina F


“Darren just spoke at a jobseeker group and really helped motivate, challenge them to examine their actions (or lack of) and move job seekers forward. Every person in the room was listening. They heard you, Darren, and will be better for it. If you need someone to energize a crowd, someone who tells it like it is with heart and grace, call Darren!”

-Ellie M

Get your organization engaged and motivated for greatness