How to Choose a Business Consultant to Solve Complex Problems

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Businesses face a multitude of complex problems on a daily basis. Which problems the business struggles with varies from one business to the next, but the results are the same. The company fails to make the progress they want towards their goals because they are stuck. A solution that many business owners and c-level executives jump to is hiring an expert to put on the staff. While that solution will work for some companies, it tends not to be the right solution for several different reasons. Instead of hiring an expert, many businesses can benefit from working with a business consultant.

Reasons not to hire an expert on your staff

Every business would like to have as many “experts” on staff as possible. However, when it comes to hiring an expert to assist with overcoming complex problems within the business, that isn’t always possible for the following reasons:

  1. Limited resources – Hiring an expert to work on staff is a big expense. There are the expenses involved in the hiring process itself, and then the payroll, insurance, and taxes that come along with it. When you are working with limited resources this might not be the best place to put them.
  2. Limited expertise available – There may just be a lack of experts in your industry that are available to hire.
  3. Time-consuming – When you have a problem with your organization you want to act fast. The process of hiring someone and then getting them caught up to speed on the situation can cost you more time than you have to work with.

If you can relate to this scenario you need a business consultant. A consultant can help your business identify set goals and work towards accomplishing them while overcoming the complex issues that arise along the way.

Choosing the right business consultant

You want to see results quickly when you start working with a business consultant. That means you need to hire the right business consultant, not just the first name that pops up in your online search. Hire a consultant that you are comfortable talking to. This person is going to get to know your business from the inside out. You need someone that you are comfortable being honest with and that you can handle giving you honest feedback.

Look for a business consultant that you can get up to see within a few hours. You don’t have time to waste meeting for days before they are able to identify your problem and create a plan. They should be able to come in and complete the following tasks:

Assess the situation and clearly define the problem

When you have your initial meeting your consultant should be working to understand the way your business is operating and how that impacts the problems that you are currently experiencing. Before you meet with them on a continuing basis they should have identified your problem for you, otherwise, they will not be guiding you towards your goals.

Speak to the root cause of the problem and outline a solution

Once the problem has been identified your consultant will create a solution outline that speaks right to the root cause of the problem. There are many “consultants” out there that will offer many solutions that help to remove or disguise the problems that you are having. But, if you don’t address the root cause of where the problems are coming from they will continue to hold your company back from hitting their goals year after year.

Work with you to help you execute the solution

Solving complex problems within a business is not an overnight practice. Any consultant that promises you that they will instantly fix the problem is not being honest. Correcting these problems will be an ongoing process. You want a consultant that is going to help you get on the right path and then stay on that path. Or, help you identify the times when it’s time to deviate from the path for the good of the business.

Even though a consultant is not on your staff you should feel like they are on your team. They should be working for you and rooting for your success, both personally and professionally.

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