How to Address Racism as a Leader

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In light of the current situation, there are some who wonder what they can say to their black friends and family members to show support without “saying the wrong thing”. 

My advice is to talk anyways. The cause and the friendship are bigger than the offense from you trying to help. File it under the Good Samaritan principle. If you accidentally injure someone when genuinely trying to help them, then you can’t be prosecuted. Saying nothing means you’re unwilling to be uncomfortable and it honestly only reinforces the current system. 

I’m with the peaceful protests, but what’s next? Until people are willing to sacrifice their comfortable existence, then things will go right back to the way things have been for far too long. Is this really what you want? For most people, the answer is yes because post the immediate concern, they will go right back to the status quo.

I pray regularly for the racial disparity in my city to decrease through employed and married fathers. That’s my particular focus. I’ve also spent countless hours raising my children to advocate on behalf of the widows, orphans, poor and foreigners. These are God’s people.

So what can you do? Please commit to one thing after you complete your protest. Mentor a fatherless child, adopt a single mom and her family, volunteer at a homeless shelter,  help someone who doesn’t speak English well or invite someone who doesn’t look like you to dinner.  

Changing one life can impact generations. It will be painful, irritating, frustrating, time-consuming and worth every minute. Let’s impact generations!


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