10 Leadership Lessons to Bring You into 2023


Once again, we’re about to flip the calendar to another new year. And once again, focusing too much on the overall media messages can overwhelm you with uncertainty about the future. But you don’t have to focus on those messages.

SPEARity founder and CEO Darren Fisher shares weekly vlogs for leaders and business owners working to overcome obstacles, scale their businesses, and accomplish their goals. Here are his top 10 messages from 2022 that you can take with you into the new year.

Peace in the Midst of Life’s Ups and Downs

Darren has a message about how to find peace for those struggling through the ups and downs of life and business.

Three Types of Tasks & How to Plan for Them

Are you the type of person who makes lists, but they end up overwhelming you? Darren teaches about the different types of tasks and the best way to handle each one.

Why Leaders Need to Take Risks

Darren shares why business leaders need to take risks—even during a recession.

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Opportunities?

Sometimes you get gifts that are given to you, but you need to adjust your plan to take advantage of that gift. Darren Fisher shares about the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Why Leaders Need to Think About the “How”

There are many messages sharing the importance of “knowing your why” for business leaders and entrepreneurs. Darren Fisher shares why you need to think about “how” you’re doing things as a leader as well.

Talking to Yourself

Darren discusses using your own internal monologue to be the first person to encourage or correct yourself in order to achieve your goals.

Connections will take you further than you can go on your own.

This message was part of Darren’s series: Lessons Learned From NOT Finishing the Ironman.

Invest in Your Peace

Darren Fisher discusses why you need to invest in your peace of mind when things are going well to help you succeed in the future when unforeseen circumstances or tragedies may hit.

The Need for Fresh Perspectives

Darren Fisher shares the impact that bringing in people with fresh new perspectives made on the SPEARity team.

The Fear of New Beginnings

Darren Fisher shares how to overcome fear and do the “thing” anyway and why it’s so important that we do as leaders.

Ready to hit your goals in 2023?

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