Receiving Feedback as a Leader

Years ago, when I was dating my future wife, I was a single dad. My daughter was in high school and I was trying to be healthy and had several Lean Cuisines in the freezer at home. One day I got home and found out my daughter had eaten three of them. I was upset.

I didn’t say much to her about it, but called Michele up and told her what happened. Instead of agreeing with me, she said, “Well, did you feed her dinner?” When I replied, “No.” She said, “Well, then you can’t be mad at her.”

And, as mad as I was at Michele for saying that, she was right.

How do you handle feedback?

It’s easy to want to squirm away from feedback. You may want to run from it or even get upset at the person giving you the information. And, you may even think the person giving you feedback doesn’t have a right to.

However, in reality, as a leader, if you aren’t doing the right thing, then someone should be able to call you out. You should acknowledge what they’re saying and then see what changes you need to make with the new information you have.

As a leader, how do you handle your feedback? Do you receive it well or do you question the source and get upset? Great leaders are able to receive feedback and make changes because of it.

Do you need some nonpartial feedback so you can grow as a leader? Let’s talk! We are SPEARity, a local Milwaukee leadership coaching firm that specializes in business coaching, executive coaching, and leadership development training.

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