5 Ways to Use Tech to Reach Your Business Goals

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It’s 2021 and if tech isn’t a part of your business, it needs to be. There are so many ways that you can incorporate tech into your business to make it run more efficiently. This not only reduces unnecessary stress in your life, but it can also help you reach your business goals easier. Here are just a few of the ways that tech could be working for you and and your business.

1. Find and use a good CRM

There are many ways that a good CRM can help you work towards your business goals. When you have a CRM setup and running for your company—and employees are using it—it can help you close deals at a higher rate. It’s also able to help you retain and sell to existing customers which is less expensive than going after new clients all the time.

Studies have also found that high-performing salespeople take advantage of using CRM software. This can help you to keep your team on the same page and collaborate effectively when needed.

2. Make sure your tasks are purposeful

At SPEARity, we believe goal setting is an integral part of being a strong leader and running a successful business. But we don’t stop at setting goals. It’s also important to break those goals down into actionable steps. The SPEARity app is designed to help you do just that. You’re able to input your goals and assign and schedule tasks that move you closer to reaching those goals. Using the app helps you to see if you’re filling your day up with tasks that matter or things that are getting in your way to reaching your business goals.

3. Take advantage of automation

If you’re still manually doing everything in your business, you’re costing yourself valuable time. There are many options out there that can help you automate processes in your business from client onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. You can automate parts of your sales funnel, marketing, and customer service.

Take a look at the tasks that you are repeating on a regular basis and find a way to automate them. This can be as simple as creating email templates and canned responses for messages that you send on a regular basis. You can also use software like Zapier to connect your different platforms together to further expand your ability to automate.

4. Keep your team on the same page

This is another area where there are many ways tech can assist you. There are messaging apps that can help teams to stay connected and there are task management apps that can help you and your team collaborate on projects. When everyone involved in a process or project has access to see and update the status of the project, it can improve efficiency.

The SPEARity app allows leaders to assign tasks to individuals on their team and to see the status that is being made. It makes it easy for everyone to be collaborating on the tasks that need to be completed on a project.

5. Improve your customer experience

There are several different ways that tech can improve your customer experience. It can be as simple as adding chatbots to your website to engage with your customers 24/7 by answering FAQs. Or it can be by automating parts of the customer experience to make sure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

You can also use tech to provide you with the valuable analytics that you need to identify ways to improve your customer interactions. You can see what they look at on your website and what makes them decide to click off your website. And you can also use tech and automation to gain important feedback from your clients to see where you need to pivot.

The SPEARity app

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