The 4 Statuses for Task Management

Task management

When it comes to task management people have a tendency to think that there are only two categories tasks can fall into—waiting to be done or accomplished, right? We either have the task on our list to do or we’ve crossed it off because it’s already done. While that seems to make sense, it’s not what we believe at SPEARity. We believe there are four task management statuses that all equal accomplished.

The four status for task management

Think about what happens when you have something on your list for the day that you didn’t complete. You likely move the task to your to-do list for the next day. If you’re like a lot of people, you probably have some tasks that have been on your lists for months waiting to be accomplished.

It’s not long before this process becomes overwhelming. Your to-do list constantly grows longer and longer and it feels like no matter how much you do, you’re not making any progress. This constant shifting of tasks can also leave you feeling like you failed. You didn’t get done what you needed to and that mindset can beat you down over time.

That’s why we take a different approach to task management in the SPEARity app. The SPEAR process is designed to help you focus on the tasks that need your attention most and allows you to realign along the way. It brings about a complete mindset shift that leads to increased productivity and confidence.

So, here are the four statuses of task management:

1. Completed

This is the one that is easiest for people to grasp. When you complete a task, you have completed it and crossed it off your list. It’s easy to see how this is accomplishing something. You have a sense of accomplishment because you know you finished the task.

2. Moved

Sometimes you have to move a task. You might have overscheduled your day or something else may have come up or happened that made it necessary for you to push it back or complete it another day. You can still consider this accomplished. You did what you needed to do for the day and this will be ready for you another day.

3. Partial

Sometimes we partially complete a task. It might be that we couldn’t get through it all at one time or it might be that we’re waiting for something before we can finish. Whatever the reason is, a partial completion is still accomplished for the day.

4. Quit

This status trips up a lot of people. Society has a belief that if we quit on something that we’ve failed. SPEARity doesn’t believe that. There are times when you find a task isn’t necessary to complete. It might be that someone else can complete it or that you realize it’s not a priority any longer.

If you identify that there is a task or project you need to quit then do it. Mark it accomplished in your head and move on. Too often we let these things keep us stuck.

How the SPEARity app helps

The SPEARity app has these task management statuses built right into the program. During the day, you have an opportunity to update the status based on what happened. There are some things that you will click and check off because they are completed. There are others that you will move to a new day or that you will mark as partially done. Then, there are those that you will quit.

But it doesn’t stop there. The app also walks you through the process of realigning. If you didn’t complete a task that you had planned for the day, you’ll have the chance to realign and say why it wasn’t completed. This allows you to choose what you’re going to do with the task. Are you going to move it? Are you going to hand it off to someone else? Do you have to wait for something else before you finish? Or, did you realize it wasn’t important for you to do so you’re just going to be done with it?

This step of realigning is what makes all the difference for task management. As you grow a business and lead a team, you’ll find there are many things that aren’t just “waiting to be done” or “done”. The app allows you to explore the status of your tasks and what action you need to take as a result.

If you’re interested in viewing a demo to see how the SPEARity app can transform your time and business growth, schedule an appointment here.

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