Seeing Value in Yourself and Others: A Leadership Perspective

are you good enough


Hey, everybody, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about… are you good enough?

A lot of leaders don’t think they’re enough.

Actually, it’s a lot of people. We think that we’re a product of what we do, not a product of who we are.

We think that if we’re having a good week or producing a lot, we feel great.

If we’re not producing a lot, we don’t feel great.

The reason why it’s important that you understand that you have value no matter what is that if you see yourself as having value no matter what, you see that value in other people. And that connection and human connection is
what makes us all motivated.

It keeps us going.

But it encourages us to get through the bad times and those inevitable dips that you’re going to have in life.

So I think it’s just an important principle to say, “Yep, I have value, just by myself, no matter what.”

And it’s easy for people, if you have children, you just look at your children and say when they’re born, they have value just for being conceived or being born.

Well, you’re a child, too, of some parents, and no matter what, you need to understand you have that value.

If no one else says it, I’m saying it now.

So, hopefully, from a leadership perspective, you’re going to start valuing your people, even though sometimes you have to let someone go because they don’t perform, but if you value them as a human being, then the way you do it will have dignity and build them up, and they actually may come back later to thank you for the way you treated them with care like they are a person that has value.

So you are good enough.

You can say that you’re good enough.

You can approach your life that way.

And hopefully, this helps get you through this week, knowing that you have value no matter what.

This is Darren Fisher from Spearity, signing off. Hopefully, you have a great rest of your week.

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