Giving Yourself Grace: Managing Leadership Fatigue

leadership fatigue


Hey, everybody, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about time shifting and adjusting.

I just got back from Europe. It was a seven/eight hour time difference, and right around 2:00 my time back at home, I got exhausted. I hit a wall.

I’m actually doing this while I’ve hit the wall. So, what is the leadership lesson in that?

Well, sometimes it just takes time to adjust, and you can’t really—you can power through, and I do power through and sort of work through it—but the wall is real, and it takes time to adjust to the wall.

So, I think that each of us, as leaders, we hit walls. They’re things that aren’t in our control as to why we’re doing it. It’s not like we did something wrong; it’s just the reality of the situation can lead us to hitting a wall. And the question is, what do you do?

Do you give yourself some grace to say, “I hit a wall, and it’s okay. I’ll be alright.”

Or are you like, “What’s wrong with me? I got to power through.” You do these things and end up saying, for what purpose?

Just give yourself some time to adjust. Now, I got back, and I was adjusting, but then I had to work the weekend right after, so it just ended up being a lot. So, it’s taking me a little more time to adjust. I got my first good night’s sleep, and we’ve been back for almost a week. So give yourself some time.

Give yourself some grace. Understand that if you’re hitting a wall, it’s for a reason. It is okay, and you will be okay in the end. And I think that it’s important for us to give ourselves that little bit of grace.

This is Darren Fisher from Spearity, signing off. Take care, and have a great rest of your week.

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