Never Give Up: The Impact of Consistent Leadership

consistent leadership


Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about the power of persistence, or better yet, just showing up.

A lot of times as a leader, let’s be honest, we just want to quit.

We don’t want to just keep going because there’s a lot of stress. We’re going through a bunch of things, and people don’t think leaders are human, and we just are.

But there’s something about the power of continuing to show up and the persistence to say even though things aren’t going great or even if things are going great or the pressure’s on, continue to show up. Continue to be there, and you’ll see that things ultimately do turn around.

My mom always talks about how the establishment is going to win. They just wait you out.

It’s hard to really make some big changes, especially if you’re in big industries or districts because the establishment was established for a reason; it’s going to wear you out. But if you just keep showing up, if you just stay persistent, you will win.

She sent me an article by Steve Jobs where he was sort of talking about persistence. And I’ve seen it too in a lot of things that you just need to keep showing up.

We actually even have a plant in our backyard that is a hydrangea. We bought two of them at the time; one of them died, and the other one looked sick from year to year, but it just kept on going and kept on going. And this year, it has blossomed. It’s taken off.

I think there is something about the power of just continuing to show up and being there, and things do turn around.

So, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. I really appreciate everybody. It’s funny; people don’t comment necessarily online, but they comment when they see me in person, which is just awesome because it’s not really about the numbers; it’s about the impact we’re having on people’s lives.

So this is Darren Fisher from Spearity, signing out. Have a great rest of your week.

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