Embracing Success: The Importance of Celebrating Achievements

celebrating success


Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about celebrating.

My son was let go from a job, and within six weeks, he got another job. That is— he’s a pharmaceutical sales rep, and so he’s going to be doing some work for another company. But he ended up getting a 40 percent raise, a company car, and a bigger bonus. And it was something he wasn’t going to apply for had he not been let go of the previous place. But since he did, now he got an upgrade, and we’re celebrating tonight.

So what’s the point of this?

Well, number one, I’m just proud of my son, so I want to give him a shout-out. But number two, we need to celebrate.

You need to see opportunities to get together. So, actually, my wife, my daughter, and my son are going out to celebrate his newfound opportunity, and as leaders, sometimes, we don’t do that. Sometimes, we get caught up in the drudgery of things, and we don’t celebrate.

We need to celebrate.

It’s good to take time with people that you care about and celebrate successes. And so, we’re going to do that, and I encourage you to do that.

As a leader, you should do that. As a human being, you should do that. And I think that the fruits behind that are well documented. So, for today, pick something. Celebrate it, and let me know how it goes.

So, this is Darren Fisher signing off. Keep on getting back to me, reaching out, and let me know how things are working for you.

Take care, and have a great rest of your week.

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