Leadership Evolution: Embracing Multigenerational Connections

Multigenerational connections


Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about multigenerational connections.

So my wife’s niece Snapchats me. For those of you who don’t know, Snapchat is a social media platform that allows you to basically send disappearing messages to people and my wife’s niece snaps.

So we’ve got snap streaks, and she’s always sending funny faces.

So some people say, so what’s the point?

Well, the point is, I think it’s good for leaders to connect with multi-generations.

Obviously, you need to connect with your peers and connect with those around your age and close to you. But you always need to connect with the next generation or even the next, next generation and connect with one to two generations
above you.

Now I’m getting older, so I’m running out of generations above me, but I do see value in that because it allows you to think different ways, get a different perspective, empathize with a different cohort, and also see the world through different eyes and I think that provides value, in the long run, to help you come up with better solutions in the future and actually solve problems.

Because, as leaders, the problems are always changing, and how they’re affecting us is changing.

But by connecting with younger people and learning, if nothing else, with her, learned to smile and contort my face in different ways to keep that joy and smile and sort of kid-like outlook on life. So, like I said, join Snapchat.

I have a niece who’s actually getting recruited from Wisconsin for soccer.

I connect with her on Twitter. And I’m not even a Twitter person.

So just try to use different platforms to connect with different types of people because that, as a leader, is going to make you better.

Give me feedback. Let me know what you’re thinking. I know I’m in a different location. I’ve been doing it outside because it’s summer and trying to enjoy what little summer we have left.

So, pretty soon, it will definitely be fall. So take care. Have a great day, and like I said, keep giving me feedback.

I love the comments. Take care, and have a great day. Bye.

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