Leading with Joy: How Happiness Enhances Leadership

leading with joy


Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about making people smile.

So, this past weekend, we just celebrated my great-niece’s birthday. She’s turning five, actually. I’m recording this on August 29th, so her birthday is on the 29th, and mine is on the 30th.

So we just had a little celebration. Got her a cake. And we had a back-to-school celebration, too, to support the other kids, so it wasn’t just all about her, even though she’s a little cutie.

But it was really just all about them, and what was so amazing was when we were sitting there—we were singing Happy Birthday, and she just looked at the cake—and we actually had two cakes because her mom bought her a sheet cake and then I got an ice cream cake because ice cream cake is way better—side note.

But she’s looking at the cakes, and she just scrunched up her shoulders and smiles from ear to ear.

She was just so happy, and it just was so awesome (a) to make someone feel so happy like that and then (b) to feel that happy.

When’s the last time you made someone so happy they couldn’t contain themselves? And even bigger than that, to a degree, when’s the last time you were just so happy because as a leader, as a human being?

It’s good to do that. It’s good to have that, just being so happy that you sort of just can’t contain yourself.

I actually just read a study about how laughing and that feeling can help you repair a broken heart, and so I hope that you are doing that as a leader.

I hope you’re doing that for other people. Let’s continue to do this, and even if you don’t feel it, do it
once just to see how it changes you. Because I really think it has a major impact on us, a major impact on our quality of life, and just makes you a better human being and a greater leader.

So, Darren Fisher from Spearity signing off. Have a great rest of your week.

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