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Uncomfortable Error Part 2 (The Response)

“Oh no.” That was my first thought when I read the draft of Darren’s blog post last week. I mean, we all make mistakes, but did I really want it to be broadcast to the world online? Did we really need to go that route? The answer—yes. There are too many important lessons that leaders could learn from my mistake and how Darren handled it as a leader.

Uncomfortable Error

“Hey Darren, I think we have a problem…” was the beginning of an email I received last week from my friend and Speaker Representative/Marketing Manager/Event Manager/et al, Stephanie (Steph). As I’m reading this email, my heart was at the bottom of my stomach thinking...

Accomplish Everything on Your List

You know that feeling?  The one you get on a Saturday afternoon as you pop open a refreshing cold beverage on a hot summer day after completing all your chores for the weekend?  It’s a very pleasant feeling and puts you in a really good mood.  Why does...

Uncomfortable Whirlwind

You know the old adage, “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it?” Well, I get the adage. One of my goals for the business is to be a paid motivational speaker. From these speaking gigs, I could create opportunities to get to know SPEARity as a...

Uncomfortable Indifference

Photo credit: We lost by 50 points. FIFTY POINTS! If you’re just now reading this blog series, I’m coaching our middle school’s seventh-grade boys basketball team. We’re currently 0-6, but it feels like way more than six losses. A few games ago, I...

Be More Awesome at Collaboration

When I was younger, my family took a brief autumn road trip to northern Wisconsin.  One of the stops we made was a cranberry farm at harvest time. Harvesting cranberries is not your typical endeavor since it involves intentionally flooding the bogs in which the...

Uncomfortable Stand

Picture of my Robert “Bob” Fisher, my father, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (see video) Today is the day, unbeknownst to many, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) for his achievements. Interestingly, there are many who do not observe this day, or even wonder why...

Self-Improvement and Personal Growth

I will freely admit I am a self-help book junkie.   It's not unheard of me to read 3-4 self-help books in a month.  In fact, my idea of a day of bliss is to spend a day alone curled up in my pajamas reading Tony Robbins or Brendon Burchard while heavy...

Uncomfortable Changes

Resolution check-in. Are you still doing the thing you said you would do just two short weeks ago? If you are, then great. If not, then I have a sneaky suspicion that change was much harder than you thought. Once given the option to keep going through the pain or give in to your old less perfect self, the establishment won.

Uncomfortable Firmness

It’s resolution time everybody. “Why?” you may wonder. It’s because it’s new. As people, we love new. I know there’s the whole “vintage” movement, but even in that movement they restore things to be “like new”. When we think new, we think fresh. So with a new year comes a fresh opportunity to make a new resolution to do something different. There’s really only one minor problem with New Year’s resolutions…they get old really fast.

Creating and Maintaining Consistencies Part II – What?

How many of us choose to let fear drive us to employ procrastination as our consistent behavior? So not only do I need to work on creating habits that support and encourage consistency, I have to work on changing my mindset to that of someone who embraces the discomfort of a little fear and takes the leap.

Uncomfortable Conversation

The truth is when someone says, ‘It’s not you, it’s me’, they really mean ‘it’s you, but for reasons both good and bad I don’t want to tell you it’s you’. I recently had a relationship that had run its course and this was definitely an ‘it’s not you, it’s me’/uncomfortable conversation.

Creating and Maintaining Consistencies Part 1 – Why?

As I was looking for inspiration for this blog I came across a quote about consistency.  Now, I like me a good Oscar Wilde quote as much as the next person, but this one just rubbed me the wrong way—“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” While I understand why a creative mind might see consistency in that light, my business mind sees consistency as the difference between success and failure.

New Year’s Resolutions – Should You Set Them?

Here's a hot topic for you this time of year—New Year's Resolutions. Just like leadership development, it's a topic that applies to both your business and personal life. And, if you've done even two minutes of research on how to set New Year's resolutions you have...

Uncomfortable Commitments

I don’t know about you, but there are so many people that break commitments regularly. Each week, I’d bet that at least two of my meetings get canceled for various reasons. As a human being, I can totally understand sickness or something of that sort impacting a meeting. But, if we could be honest with ourselves, many of the reasons meetings are moved has nothing to do with an unforeseen illness (unless waivering is a medical condition). Many times, sticking to our commitment makes us uncomfortable because something new seems more attractive or desirable.

Uncomfortable Results

One of the best parts of coaching, parenting or any type of relationship is seeing someone you love crush it. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Kara’s (our youngest) team winning their first basketball game. Since then, she went 3-for-3 in a game which is so awesome as a...