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Our coaching services are customized to the unique needs of your organization. Guide your team to greater success with these three avenues

Our Growth Mindset™ Certified assessments help you unlock your true potential so you can enjoy leading and growing your business.

Our business coaching and executive coaching membership gives you the support you need to develop a growth mindset and scale your business.

Our Goal Management web app helps your business focus on the high priorities so everyone can be accountable to scaling the business.

As a business leader,

how many of these apply to you?

Isolated & lonely

Isolated & lonely

You feel like you are the only one going through the struggles of owning a business



You are trying to do it all and do not have enough hours in the day to get it all done



You feel like you don’t have anywhere to go to get answers or help with your business



The stress from your business is impacting the rest of your life. Your family, your physical and mental health, your sleep are all suffering from the stress of running a business



There’s a constant worry or concern about your business that never goes away



You’ve experienced a string of losses and don’t know how to bounce back from them

Or maybe

You’ve got the business started,

but you need the guidance and encouragement to move forward…

As business coaches, our job is to:

Guide you in identifying the right model to grow profit, time, and value for your business

Teach you how to focus on your passions in the business and let others do the rest

Help you develop defined Goals with step by step plans to achieve them

Teach you business competencies so you know how to build your business

Encourage you to intentionally balance your business, health and relationships that matter

Once you become a Spearity member

(not just a customer), you will find yourself…


Know that you’re on the right track to building a successful business and be able to fund your retirement with a valued company that someone else would purchase

At Ease

Take vacations with confidence knowing the business will be okay without you


Focus on the successes to build confidence in the bright future ahead.


Sleep better at night and make informed decisions knowing you’re working a plan


Get up every day excited to work, play and live Feeling powerful

Optimizing performance

Leverage your gifts and talents to optimize performance and creativity.

Owning a business is hard,

but it shouldn’t be too hard.
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