Choose to think, act, and lead strategically. Choose SPEARity™.

Customized Training

Certified trainers entertain, educate, and prepare your staff to maximize their time and talents

Executive Coaching

Maximize your time, talents, and purpose with strategic, accountable, and customized coaching

Business Coaching

We develop tools to help you sell, market, or technology solutions so you get more done in less time

Motivational Speaking

Hire Darren to get you fired up with a practical, energizing, educational motivational speaking

About SPEARity

At SPEARity™ our desire is to help individuals and organizations think, act, and lead strategically. We offer a variety of services that are tailored to the needs of your organization. SPEARity™ isn’t your standard business coaching firm. We don’t provide you with a plan and walk away. We partner with you and your team to ensure you are developing the processes, competencies, and habits needed to set strategic goals and achieve them as an organization. At our very core, our main goal at SPEARity™ is to help you and your business reach your greatest potential with a growth mindset. 

What will your business experience from working with us? Our current clients are experiencing the following:

  • Improved communication within each department and between departments
  • New level of confidence within team members
  • Strategic planning and goal setting at all levels
  • Revitalized energy among staff
  • Renewed focus towards the future of the business
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A message from the founder

I know there are businesses out there that feel stuck. They know that they are capable of doing so much more, but they just don’t know how to tap into it. They lack the processes, competencies, and habits they need to realize the business success they are after.

I have studied and observed the ways that different personalities work together to achieve a goal at all levels, from a basketball team full of elementary aged children up through my time serving in the Air Force. This helped me notice a need for a tool to help people achieve results with an understanding of how their attitudes would affect their perceptions of success and failures. I wanted to strategically combine my knowledge of confidence, organizational awareness, personality and skill set differences, along with relationship and emotional understanding to help individuals and organizations achieve more success in an intentional way.

SPEARity™ was born out of my passion to help others pursue greatness.


Develop a culture of strategists.