10 Leadership Lessons from SPEARity CEO Darren Fisher

Over the past couple of years, SPEARity CEO, Darren Fisher, has been doing a leadership vlog. Listed below, are ten important leadership lessons he has shared.

1. Receiving Feedback as a Leader

Do you receive feedback well or do you get upset with the source? Great leaders are able to receive feedback and make changes based on that information.

2. How to Find Work-Life Balance

Darren shares how he uses the SPEAR process and a few other tips on how he stays organized and finds balance in his busy life.

3. Leadership Success Comes from Trial and Error

It’s important to have persistence as a leader and not fall apart when things don’t work out the way you want them to the first time around.

4. Being Prepared as a Leader

When you are prepared when others aren’t, that’s when opportunities arise. Don’t be caught off guard by a storm that you know is coming.

5. Sometimes You Need to Lower the Bar

Leadership is about making adjustments and understanding that everything you do isn’t going to be perfect. Don’t be afraid to lower your expectations and focus on your success.

6. Develop Future Leaders in Your Organization

The best leaders can lead themselves and develop future leaders. Darren shares about a process called Level Up. It’s an intentional process to help you develop future leaders.

7. Importance of Building a Network

You don’t know what you don’t know. When you come across things you don’t know how to move past, having the right people in your network is important. Be a good resource for other people because you never know when you’re going to need help too.

8. Leadership Development & Pain: When to Push Through and When to Pull Back

Darren shares a leadership lesson from his experience with training for an Ironman.

9. What’s Your Weakest Link as a Leader?

We all have gifts and talents. But your gifts and talents will get you to a level while it’s the competencies that keep you there. You need to identify what it is you need to get competent in so it doesn’t hold you back in leadership and business.

10. What to Do When You’re Burnt Out and Broken Down

Do you have “injuries” from taking on too much too quickly? It’s important to get the support you need.

You can visit the SPEARity YouTube channel if you’re interested in watching the others (and we’d love for you to subscribe).

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