Consistency: The Key to Great Leadership

consistency 1

Tony Robbins has said, “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” And at SPEARity, we couldn’t agree more. It’s crucial that you learn to be consistent for yourself and your organization.

One of the definitions of consistency in the Merriam Webster dictionary is, “free from variation or contradiction”. While it is important to be able to make adjustments in your business if things aren’t working, far too often leaders jump around without giving anything enough time to work. When you do this, it makes you a difficult leader to follow.

Here are some reasons why it’s so important to be consistent as a leader:

1. Consistency allows you to measure success

If you constantly jump around from one idea to the next, you’re not able to track your success. This is true for every area of your business and life. Things take time as frustrating as it may be. If you don’t force yourself to stay consistent in new ideas and strategies that you’re using it will be impossible for you to see if it’s really working or not.

And, think about the example that this creates for your employees. If you don’t stick with plans that you have created and constantly switch things around, why wouldn’t they do the same thing with their work?

2. Consistency allows others to know what to expect

Your team needs to know that they can count on you and this means you need to be consistent with your behavior. If you are led by your emotions, you will lead by your emotions.

It’s hard to follow a leader that is inconsistent in their mood and behavior. It can breed fear and uncertainty throughout an organization.

When your mood is bouncing back and forth employees quickly become leery of approaching you because they don’t know what to expect. Are you going to be short-tempered and angry or are you going to be supportive and provide guidance?

As a leader, you need to learn how to keep your emotions in check. Yes, everyone has emotions. But, they should not be leading your business or your life.

3. Consistency makes it easier for your employees to follow your lead

Consistency is important for building your brand and company. Your customers need to know what to expect from you or they will find somewhere else where they can. If they are getting one thing from you and a different thing from your employees it sends mixed messages.

As a leader, you need to be able to set an example with your behavior that your employees can follow. This creates cohesiveness within your company making it easier for everyone to be sending the same message.

How to be more consistent as a leader

  1. Find someone to keep you accountable. It’s not always easy to spot the errors of our ways. That’s why it’s important to have someone that can call you out when you are showing inconsistent behaviors. This could be an executive coach or another executive within your organization.
  2. Write down your plans. When you write down your plans and goals that you’re working towards they become a lot easier to stick to. Make sure that you keep them in front of you on a daily basis so you won’t accidentally get off track. The SPEARity app is a great way to keep your goals and plan front and center.
  3. Develop your confidence. Low confidence is often the reason that people are inconsistent. When we aren’t confident in ourselves and our abilities we jump from plan to plan to try to find something that works. We don’t trust ourselves. Confident leaders are also easier for people to follow so building up your confidence is a win-win.

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