Top 5 SPEARity Blog Posts for Leaders

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There is a lot of information floating around the internet to help business leaders be more effective and successful, which is helpful since leaders face many different challenges. We thought we would make it easy for you and compile some of our information together into one easy-to-read place.

These are our top 5 most read blog posts throughout the first half of 2022:

1. The Importance of Organization in Being a Good Leader

“The ability to get and stay organized is often overlooked as a skill for leaders. In fact, it tends to be connected with the assistants of leaders instead of the leader themselves. And while I completely support the idea of finding people to surround yourself with that have skills you lack, there are many reasons why it’s important that you learn to be organized as a leader.

It’s not just something that you can delegate off to someone else. Being organized begins at the top and works its way down. Here are some ways that learning to be organized in your work and life can help you be a better leader.” KEEP READING

2. Dangers of Making Excuses as a Leader

“There are a lot of different excuses that leaders make when things go wrong, or they don’t perform up to the standard that’s expected. You may feel that you’re not making an excuse but simply stating what happened. But, in the end, it truly doesn’t matter. It’s still an excuse, and it does nothing to help you improve the situation and be a better leader. Here are five of the common excuses that leaders make.” KEEP READING

3. 6 Leadership Tips to Prepare for a Strong Second Quarter

“As always, the first quarter of the year has flown by. It’s time to review the things that went well and those that didn’t get accomplished during that time. It’s also time to make sure those Q2 goals are established that will help you work toward the overall goals for the year. Here are six leadership tips that can help you as you plan.” KEEP READING

4. How to Break Down Goals into Actionable Tasks

“We’ve all heard about the importance of setting goals in business. Goals are what tell you what direction you’re trying to go. Setting goals helps you continue to move the needle forward in the right direction. But it’s not as simple as just setting a goal. You need to follow up with breaking goals down into actionable tasks. This is what will ultimately lead to success. While setting and breaking down goals seems like it should be simple, it can become an obstacle when not done correctly. Here are some tips that can help you set and reach your goals.” KEEP READING

5. The Importance of Buy-in During the Goal Setting Process

“There is no getting around the importance of SMART goal setting to reach your business goals. But, once you have set your SMART goals, you need to have buy-in on all levels in order to reach the goals. You can spend hours in meetings developing strategic plans and goal setting, but if your resources, including your team, are not behind the goals, you will lack the progress you long to see. Here are a few reasons buy-in is so important in the goal-setting process.” KEEP READING

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