Helping Employees Find Value in Their Work

No one will feel as passionate about your business as you do as the leader. That may feel slightly discouraging, but it’s true. You started your business out of your skill, knowledge, and passion. Others coming in are not motivated by the same thing as you. Growing the company is not their dream; therefore, their […]

How to Address Workplace Burnout Going into 2022

There is no denying this is a busy time of year. I was speaking with a therapist last week who shared a trend she’s hearing from her clients. This holiday season is turning out a lot more stressful than last year or the years before. There is a weird mix happening of people trying to […]

How Proper Planning Helps Workplace Mental Health & Wellness

We probably don’t need to tell you that May is Mental Health Awareness month because it’s all over the news and on social media. Instead, we want to focus on helping you discover a few simple planning strategies that can help you reduce stress and anxiety at work so you can feel your best. In […]

10 Tips for Leading More Productive Team Meetings

Even before the pandemic began meetings were a problem for companies. Getting people together may seem like the best way to communicate information while also gathering ideas from the team. However, there is a fine line between effective meetings and ones that waste the time of everyone involved. Once the pandemic forced meetings to turn […]

5 Tips for Hiring Post-Pandemic

“We’re Hiring!” I’m seeing that sign in so many of the businesses that I come across on a daily basis. And it’s not just in my neighborhood. It’s the pattern all over right now. Last week I was speaking with a business friend in Scotland, who is finding the exact same thing. Businesses are open, […]

6 Tips for Employee Retention

Are you struggling with a revolving door in your organization? As soon as you get one position filled, another one opens up. And no matter how many “great” hires you make, you just keep losing people. If so, it might be time to address your employee retention strategy. It’s much easier to believe that the […]