Fuel Your Hustle: How Business Workshops for Entrepreneurs (Live & Virtual) Ignite Growth

business coach speaking to a table full of entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial journey is a thrilling yet demanding path. You wear many hats, from CEO to marketer to strategist, and constantly strive for growth. It can feel overwhelming, like you’re juggling responsibilities in a pressure cooker. But there’s a powerful tool to help you navigate this journey: business workshops for entrepreneurs. Business workshops aren’t just […]

Leadership Lessons: Mastering Recovery for Emotional Resilience

Leadership Lessons for emotional resilience

Welcome back to the blog, where today we’re delving into a crucial aspect of personal development and leadership—recovery. Join me, Darren Fisher, as we explore the intricate connection between emotional resilience and effective leadership. Have you ever noticed your heart racing after climbing stairs? Surprisingly, it’s not an indicator of being out of shape; it’s […]

Unlocking Success with Persistence: The Tale of Charlie and Justin Beaver

Unlocking Success With Persistence

Hey, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about persistence. So that dog you see behind me is Charlie. And Charlie has his toy in his mouth. It’s Justin Beaver. That’s his name. So why is Charlie outside with Justin Beaver? I kept telling him, “No, you can’t take the […]

Daily Wins, Lasting Confidence: Your Path to Success Recognition

celebrating your success

The old adage “Success is a journey, not a destination” holds a lot of truth that often goes unnoticed in our busy lives. It’s far too easy to overlook our achievements each day because we’ve set the bar too high for success. So, instead of acknowledging our daily successes, we label many of them as […]

Unleash Your Leadership Potential: Thrive in Discomfort

Embrace Discomfort

  Hey there, it’s me, Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart – the concept of comfort and discomfort. I know, some of you might be thinking, “Darren, you’ve talked about this before,” but I firmly believe that if you want to master […]

Leading with Joy: How Happiness Enhances Leadership

leading with joy

  Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about making people smile. So, this past weekend, we just celebrated my great-niece’s birthday. She’s turning five, actually. I’m recording this on August 29th, so her birthday is on the 29th, and mine is on the 30th. So we just had a little […]

Embracing Success: The Importance of Celebrating Achievements

celebrating success

  Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about celebrating. My son was let go from a job, and within six weeks, he got another job. That is— he’s a pharmaceutical sales rep, and so he’s going to be doing some work for another company. But he ended up […]

The Art of Pruning: Cultivating Growth in Leadership and Life

growth in leadership

  Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about pruning. For those of you who are unfamiliar, pruning is the process of trimming away different aspects of—usually, it’s done for trees or with branches or limbs. So you prune things away. I do it with my roses. The purpose […]

The Power of Connections: Strengthening Leadership Impact

power of connection

  Hi, this is Darren Fisher, and I’m back on the vlog here talking about the power of connections. So, as a leader, we know that our influence matters, but I think there’s something bigger. They say it’s lonely at the top. Well, the reason why it’s lonely only at the top is because of […]