Leadership Lessons: Mastering Recovery for Emotional Resilience

Leadership Lessons for emotional resilience

Welcome back to the blog, where today we’re delving into a crucial aspect of personal development and leadership—recovery. Join me, Darren Fisher, as we explore the intricate connection between emotional resilience and effective leadership. Have you ever noticed your heart racing after climbing stairs? Surprisingly, it’s not an indicator of being out of shape; it’s […]

The Importance of Organization in Leadership

organized leadership

The importance of organization is often overlooked as a leadership skill. It tends to be connected with the assistants to the leaders instead of the leaders themselves. While I completely support the idea of finding people to surround yourself with who have the skills you lack, there are many reasons why leaders shouldn’t overlook the […]

3 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Production in Your Small Business

boost production

Small business owners often face the challenge of getting production through others. Whether it’s employees, contractors, or vendors, getting others to produce the results you need can be a difficult task. Reason #1 Lack of Clear Communication One of the main reasons for this is a lack of clear communication. When expectations are not clearly […]

How to Improve Communication With Your Employees

communication with employees

You are working long hours. Employees are not performing up to expectations. Frustration is growing on all fronts. If you’re a leader or manager experiencing this, you may be able to address it all by fixing one thing. All these “symptoms” can be red flags that you need to work on improving your communication with […]

10 Tips to Help You Finish 2022 Strong in Your Business

finish year strong

Another year has flown by, and we are now well into the 4th quarter. This is the time of year when many business owners and leaders start looking back at the goals they set for the year and try desperately to make progress on them before the year ends. If you’re feeling the pressure of […]

The Leadership Secret of Keeping It Simple


I know “leadership secret” might have drawn you in, but let’s be honest—there really aren’t any leadership “secrets” out there. Thanks to the modern world we live in, it’s really easy to find information on anything you want. If you really desire to be a good leader, you can find tips to help you do […]

Five Ways to Grow as a Leader this Summer


Summer is here! Remember how great that used to be as a kid. School was out. You had nothing to do but run around, hang out with your friends and eat popsicles (Flintstones push pops were my favorite). As a leader6/8/21 and an adult, summer doesn’t look exactly like it used to. But it’s a […]

10 Common Leadership Challenges to Avoid

leadership challenges

We all know that person in our life who is a natural-born leader. It doesn’t matter what role they’re in, people just gravitate toward them and look to them for direction and guidance. It’s like they’re not even trying. It just happens. Seeing examples like this can make it seem like leadership skills are either […]

6 Leadership Tips to Prepare for a Strong Second Quarter

planning scaled 1

As always, the first quarter of the year has flown by. It’s time to be reviewing the things that went well and the things that didn’t get accomplished during that time. It’s also time to make sure those Q2 goals are established that will help you work toward the overall goals for the year. Here […]