SPEARity Leadership Development: 5 Ways it Transforms the Culture of Your Organization

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Leadership development is a big trend right now in the business world and it should be. This is one of the largest problems facing the workforce right now and HR leaders are being tasked with the job of finding a solution. If you’re an HR professional you know just how difficult this can be.

You have new leaders in your organization that don’t know how to lead. You have old leaders in your organization that are struggling to lead a younger generation in the workforce. And, you’re left in the middle trying to figure out how to pull it all together. How do you best use the resources at your fingertips to help meet the demand for talent development within your organization?

There are plenty of leadership development training systems out there and business coaches and consultants that can help improve some of the areas that you need a solution in.

But at SPEARity, we provide a different approach to leadership development. It isn’t our goal to simply train your leaders. It’s our goal to help you transform the culture in your organization by developing leaders that are able to develop leaders. We help your organization discover a better way to work that naturally leads to leadership development. And, this system leads to more benefits than just better leaders.

Bonus benefits of SPEARity Leadership Development

Here are a few other ways implementing the SPEARity process within your organization can transform the culture going forward:

1. Improved communication

Communication can be a major obstacle in organizations. This becomes an even bigger issue as companies continue to grow and expand. Learning to keep proper communication going between departments is a challenge that many companies struggle with.

This leads to the formation of silos between departments. It can cause almost an “us vs them” mentality in the workforce which is not what you want in your organization.

Our clients have found that as they work through leadership development with SPEARity and have employees start using the SPEARity app for goal tracking and task management, communication improves both within departments and across the board.

2. Better utilization of resources

Human capital is the greatest asset that every organization has. When you invest in your staff through leadership development training, they learn how to manage the resources at their fingertips better. It could be through time management, finding the right talent for the right position, or setting up systems that reduce expenses.

When leaders learn how to work better, they also learn how to lead better. By developing the leaders within your organization, you’ll see a trickle-down effect that will impact the other resources that your organization has at its disposal.

3. Aligned Goals

Part of SPEARity’s leadership development coaching is learning how to set and achieve goals. Leaders have to take goal setting a step further by setting overall goals for the organization while also helping employees set goals that align to the larger goal.

When this happens, everyone within the organization begins to purposefully work in the same direction. Even though everyone might be doing a different job, the tasks they are doing and the goals they’re working towards are contributing to the success of the company’s overall goals. Each person takes more pride in their work because they’re able to see how the work they’re doing matters in the big picture. No one wants to come to work to do something that feels meaningless.

4. Other leaders are developed

Real leaders lead leaders. There are many leadership coaches that can help a leader improve in a certain area that they’re struggling with. But, that’s not enough. Where are they supposed to go from there?

SPEARity focuses on working with leaders to improve their abilities while also teaching them how to train up other leaders within their organizations. This leads to continued growth and results.

It’s not about addressing one or two key areas that a leader is struggling with. It’s about teaching leaders how to be leaders and helping them to teach others the same. This is the type of investment that changes the culture of an organization instead of simply changing one person who happens to be in the leadership role.

5. Improved personal lives of employees

At the end of the day, we’re all people. Both the management and their subordinates go home and live personal lives outside of work. As much as companies might want employees to take a position of leaving their problems at home instead of bringing them into work, it’s not possible.

Leaders have employees that are going through relationship struggles, financial trouble, health scares, or other troubles. As people, we can’t really separate our work and home lives in this way. Strong leaders have a positive impact on their teams both at work and in their home life. Well-run companies create cultures where employees can flourish. It removes one of the barriers and struggles in the life of your employees.

And, when great leaders provide their teams with the opportunity to grow and develop as well it doesn’t just impact their life at work, it impacts their confidence and self-esteem which carries over to their personal life.

Leadership development, mentoring, and training is a perk that employees want from their employers. Great leaders learn how to lead and develop other leaders. This is the SPEARity way.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the SPEARIty process can transform your leaders and organization, schedule a call to discuss your options today.

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