4 Questions to Ask When Facing an Obstacle to Growth

obstacles to growth

When working toward your business goals, it’s not “if” you will face challenges but “when” you will and “what” challenges you will face. There is no straight and easy path toward business success. However, the obstacles to growth that pop up don’t need to be the end of the road. Asking yourself the following questions […]

Unleashing Your Decision Making Potential: A Strategy to Overcome Indecisiveness

“Creating opportunities means looking where others are not.” This powerful quote by Mark Cuban resonates deeply with those who understand the significance of effective decision-making. However, many individuals struggle with making decisions, experiencing stress, anxiety, and the fear of failure. If you find yourself in this predicament, take solace that you are not alone. Below, […]

Limiting Beliefs Stopping Your Business from Growing

How we think plays a large role in our behavior and the results we achieve. If you’re not making the progress you desire, you are likely struggling with one or more limiting beliefs in your life and business. We live in a world that prioritizes being led by feelings and emotions. Society stresses that we […]

Business Coaching Benefits for the Small Business Owner

Are you overwhelmed by juggling the many responsibilities of being a small business owner? It’s easy to get caught working in the nitty-gritty side of working “in” your business that you don’t have time to work “on” growing it. That’s where a business coach can help. You may need help learning to focus on and […]

Conquering Fear to Learn What You Don’t Know in Business

What you don’t know—and are too afraid to learn—will hold you back in business and life. I have a great dad, who I appreciate even more now that I’m an adult. When I was a kid, he used to do things that embarrassed me, like asking random strangers questions about what they were doing or […]

Are You Allowing Fear to Control Your Decisions as a Leader?

Every individual and leader deals with fear. It’s not just you; we all have them. But the question is, are you allowing your fears to dictate your actions while constantly being unhappy with the results? Living in and making decisions in fear will keep you stuck. Growth and development await you when you step outside […]

Is Your Business Leaving You Feeling Overwhelmed, Confused, and Lonely?

Start a business, they said. It will be fun, they said. You will make tons of money working for yourself. Are those the thoughts you had when you first started out on your entrepreneurial journey? But now you are smack dab in the middle of running a business and are struggling more than you could […]

How to Overcome Fear in Business

Our SPEARity business coaches and consultants have discovered something over the years—fear is a part of many of the challenges people face in business. 1. Accept that you feel afraid Fear is something we all experience. However, successful business leaders have learned how to feel fear and not let it stop them from doing the […]

5 Ways to Turn Business Struggles into Opportunity

Most businesses are struggling to get workers. We’re trying to figure out how to find the right talent and how to keep the workers we have in the midst of the Great Resignation. This is a real struggle that companies and leaders are facing, but it’s not the only one. Even before the labor shortage […]