Unleashing Your Decision Making Potential: A Strategy to Overcome Indecisiveness

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“Creating opportunities means looking where others are not.” This powerful quote by Mark Cuban resonates deeply with those who understand the significance of effective decision-making. However, many individuals struggle with making decisions, experiencing stress, anxiety, and the fear of failure. If you find yourself in this predicament, take solace that you are not alone. Below, […]

6 Ways Organizational Skills Make You A Better Leader

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The importance of organizational skills for leaders often goes unnoticed. It is sometimes associated with assistants rather than the leaders themselves. However, you must recognize the value of organization and prioritize developing these skills yourself.  By cultivating organizational skills, you can enhance your effectiveness in various aspects of your work and personal life. Let’s explore […]

7 Tips to Improve Delegation Skills

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Delegation sounds easy, but most leaders find it is far from it. Handing over a task to someone isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. But learning to delegate responsibilities is an important aspect of leadership. It allows you to focus on more important tasks to continue growing and scaling and allows others to grow […]

6 Tips to Help Manage Employees Better

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Do you wish you could clone yourself to build the team within your business? Finding the right employees who will help you grow and scale your business can feel impossible. No one cares about your business quite like you. But you must learn how to manage employees to continue growing and reach your goals. Managing […]

Helping Employees Find Value in Their Work


No one will feel as passionate about your business as you do as the leader. That may feel slightly discouraging, but it’s true. You started your business out of your skill, knowledge, and passion. Others coming in are not motivated by the same thing as you. Growing the company is not their dream; therefore, their […]

Are You Overwhelmed Balancing Responsibilities as a Leader

overwhelm balancing

Balancing responsibilities can be challenging for business owners and leaders, especially when they feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do. Here are some steps a business owner or leader can take when they’re feeling overwhelmed: In conclusion, being overwhelmed by balancing responsibilities is a common challenge for business owners and leaders. […]

3 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Production in Your Small Business

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Small business owners often face the challenge of getting production through others. Whether it’s employees, contractors, or vendors, getting others to produce the results you need can be a difficult task. Reason #1 Lack of Clear Communication One of the main reasons for this is a lack of clear communication. When expectations are not clearly […]

10 Leadership Lessons to Bring You into 2023


Once again, we’re about to flip the calendar to another new year. And once again, focusing too much on the overall media messages can overwhelm you with uncertainty about the future. But you don’t have to focus on those messages. SPEARity founder and CEO Darren Fisher shares weekly vlogs for leaders and business owners working […]

How to Improve Communication With Your Employees

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You are working long hours. Employees are not performing up to expectations. Frustration is growing on all fronts. If you’re a leader or manager experiencing this, you may be able to address it all by fixing one thing. All these “symptoms” can be red flags that you need to work on improving your communication with […]